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Strata Select Market Positions is an award-winning business development company which provides strategy and consulting services through a different range of disciplines.

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High-performance organizations understand that setting and maintaining strong growth objectives with tight budgets means finding new marketing approaches.
Strata Select have ideas, strategies and tools that can help organizations drive new growth with existing customers, find new customers and explore new channels.


As companies assess strategy in an increasingly globalized, volatile marketplace, most are finding that the same critical success factors abide: strong leadership, the ability to understand and respond to shifts in the environment, a robust pipeline of growth initiatives, a focus on continuous improvement and an agile operating model.
Strata Select helps assess and manage risk, and ultimately select the wise strategic direction.

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Our unique combination of skills, approaches, assets and tools help develop and operate scalable, efficient and agile business processes that can unlock value. Our analytics give high performance hinges on the ability to gain insights from data - insights that inform better decisions and strengthen customer relationships.

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From strategy to execution, Strata Select works with organizations to develop the analytic capabilities - from accessing and reporting on data to predictive modeling - to outperform the competition.

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Strata Select Insights is the online source for articles and perspectives on corporate strategy, management, branding, graphic design and digital world to guide our clients. Please click on the links to access this website.

June 4, 2020

The Danger of Discount Pricing

David Ogilvy, a legend along-side the likes of Rosser Reeves and Bill Bernbach, has some strong words to say about deals and price.

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March 27, 2019

Airport Marketing

Frequent Flyers are almost twice as likely as average consumers to sample and adopt new products and services. Couple this statistic with the fact that...

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January 25, 2019

Less is More

It's probably one of the greatest ironies you'll face in your web content creation efforts that might make you scratch your head at first, but will make more sense...

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