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The Strata Select Difference

Today, undifferentiated products or services abound in the market, most offering a good level of quality but little else. Unrelenting competition and too similar products eventually have led to the importance of caring for your brand.
At Strata Select, we collaborate with our clients to help them become high-performance businesses and we can guarantee meaningful results by merging creative strategy with our comprehensive capabilities and unique combination of business skills.

Whether you are a very large multinational or a small company, the logic is the same. We are committed as an organization to make a difference to grow your business.

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Strata Select | Reach Solutions

Our Heritage

Strata Select has a rich and proud history built on a solid foundation of professional and ethical behaviour. In an ever-changing environment, we will continue to build our business and will strive to be a reliable, trustworthy company to the benefit of all our customers.


The Beginning

Strata Select Market Positions is formed in Lausanne, Switzerland by Monti Castell. At the time of its founding, there are two original shareholders and four full-time employee.


First Branch Opens in New York

Moving ahead with its plans for an incremental rollout of new locations, Strata Select chooses New York to become one of the first cities in America to establish a new office.


We are Awarded!

Proudly achieves the Swiss Business Award® 2002, a prestigious award given to companies and organizations that demonstrate the highest level of achievement in their fields.


Strata Select Acquires 2 Startups

To expand its service offerings in both creative design and digital advertising, Strata Select acquires two innovative startups; Level Epic & CLiK Interactive Ads.


A New Corporate HQ & 2 New Locations

Strata Select opens two new operations centers in London and Istanbul, ready to provide clients with even more of the solutions they need to achieve meaningful results. Meanwhile, its corporate headquarters moves to New York.


Our Commitment to a Greener Future

Along with creating communities in and around our business environments, and our commitment to arts and culture and people’s skills and talents; shaping greener futures is always one of our top priorities.

Strata Select | Reach Solutions

We are an award-winning business development consulting company.
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